Finally! An All-Prompt Post! Outlandish monster dinner. Require empty room!

Saturday Song List: October 31st

Today I'm starting a new weekly feature: Songs connected in some way to various prompts given during the week, one song for each prompt. Don't Matter To Me---Bread Monster Mash---Bobby "Boris" Pickett In The Shadows Of Love---The Four Tops IV Simon Can't Get No) Satisfaction---The Rolling Stones Days A Week---The … Continue reading Saturday Song List: October 31st

Fiction Friday: Ghost(?) Story

"Young lady, you're getting a" A moment's anger leads to a tragedy, and deep, deep guilt.Psychological drama, or ghost story? You decide. Gina sat on the bench in her Granny's garden, facing the tulips that were the pride of her Granny's heart, the tulips Granny and Gina's late grandfather had planted when they were first … Continue reading Fiction Friday: Ghost(?) Story

And I Thought I Was A Reader! (Old Post, Modified and Updated) I’ve always thought of myself as a reader, and a voracious, insatiable reader at that. But I have to admit that Storm Novelo, a character in Dandi Daley Mackall’s “Blog On” series, out-reads me by a gazillion-bazillion-mazillion! I read books, magazines, online articles, and things of that sort. Storm reads all these things as … Continue reading And I Thought I Was A Reader! (Old Post, Modified and Updated)