RIP, Dad My stepfather, Jimmy Tripodi, passed away on September 30th, 1994, sotoday's word from Fandango fits perfectly.I wrote a eulogy, and read it at his funeral. I didn't think I'd be able to getthrough it, but I did, by pretending that I was merely acting in a play.After so many years, I can't remember everything … Continue reading RIP, Dad

Today Tuesday/Puzzling Fun I love wordplay, so one of my favorite pastimes is doing cryptic crossword puzzles. I visit this puzzle site, where the clues are difficult enough to tax my brain a bit, but not so hard that they are frustrating, every day.'s so amusing, and amazing, to see the various types of clues … Continue reading Today Tuesday/Puzzling Fun

What’s In A Name? (Edited From Several Old Posts) What's in a name?  Or rather, what's in how a name is spoken?  Sometimes, quite a lot. When young Robert's mother called him Bobby, he knew that everything was all right, but when she hollered, "Ro-BERT!!!!!! ", then trouble, usually a spanking, was imminent. One day Bobby decided to play trampoline. Since he didn't have … Continue reading What’s In A Name? (Edited From Several Old Posts)

From Liking to Loathing For me, as I'm sure for many others, Popeye cartoons and spinach are forever connected.There was a time when I liked both. It's easy to picture a little kid liking cartoons, but spinach? Most children hate it; hating spinach is practicallya childhood tradition.And then, when I was still in nursery school, something happened that … Continue reading From Liking to Loathing

Saturday Night Sentence/9/26/2020

Welcome to my Saturday Night Sentence Prompt!Every Saturday night, I will post a new sentence.Write a post of any kind you like, fiction, poetry, anecdote, containing that sentence.All I ask is that you keep it clean.The sentence can appear anywhere in your post.Include a link to this post to create a pingback.If you’re not on … Continue reading Saturday Night Sentence/9/26/2020