Upsetting Email I recently received a surprising email from Amazon. It seemed to be an ominous augury. "Hello, We have canceled your order and voided your current gift card balance. We have taken these actions because you are attempting to use Amazon Gift Cards that are in violation of our Terms and Conditions. … Continue reading Upsetting Email

Meow! I’m Home This happened more than thirty years ago.The summer was almost over, and we had just gotten back from our upstate property.As soon as he was out of the car, our cat, Misty gave a "Meow!" todisseminate the news, "I'm home!"Well, cats came running from all directions, meowing and meowing. Theysurrounded Misty, and some of … Continue reading Meow! I’m Home

Today Tuesday: Just A Little Post I hope I can utilize a good portion of the promptsoffered this week.

House of Cards Mom and I used to enjoy watching Tv Land's reruns of "Bonanza" together.I remember her reaction to the scene below. Little Joe said "I'm really PROUD of you!" the way he did, in orderto make the house of cards Hoss had been so carefully constructing topple, Mom said, "What a … Continue reading House of Cards