Thursday Is Art Day: April 15th There must be a more vivid word than "talent" for what it took for Vincent Van Gogh to paint "Starry Night".Years ago, when I was visiting the MOMA, I saw a little girl who was there with her father stop in front of the original painting.   I will always remember what she said."Look, Daddy!  … Continue reading Thursday Is Art Day: April 15th

Not Only In Comics Many stories in the old "Little Lulu" comics followed the following pattern:Something was missing or damaged.Lulu was blamed and spanked, usually by her mother, but sometimes by her father.Lulu's innocence was proven, too late, usually by her friend Tubby in his "Spider" persona.The culprit frequently turned out, with sublime irony, … Continue reading Not Only In Comics

Oh, Was Mom Mad! Oh, Was She Furious! My Baba, my Mom, my Dad, (stepfather), my uncle, our Shetland sheepdog, Jolie, and I used to reside in a two-story private house in Brooklyn. (We were between cats at the time.) Baba and my uncle had the downstairs apartment while the rest of us lived upstairs.Of course we "visited" each other … Continue reading Oh, Was Mom Mad! Oh, Was She Furious!

Meow! I’m Home This happened more than thirty years ago.The summer was almost over, and we had just gotten back from our upstate property.As soon as he was out of the car, our cat, Misty gave a "Meow!" todisseminate the news, "I'm home!"Well, cats came running from all directions, meowing and meowing. Theysurrounded Misty, and some of … Continue reading Meow! I’m Home

AAARRGGGHHH!!!! (Old Post) evening years ago, at a party in the Church Hall, (I forget what the party was for) a woman sitting at the same table as I was asked me what I did for a living.I had recently sold a couple of my writings... not, I'll admit, for a great deal of money, but enough … Continue reading AAARRGGGHHH!!!! (Old Post)