Mom Was A Phillumenist

Yes, in her teen years, Mom was a phillumenist. In other words, as I mentioned in my recent post, "Collection Of Collections", she collected matchbook covers. When I wrote that post, I didn't know the word for matchbook cover collectors. I found that word, and nineteen others, in this article. I wanted a word, a … Continue reading Mom Was A Phillumenist

Candid Camera

I loved Candid Camera when I was a kid. This is an episode from 1948.... way before I was born. I didn't know until today that it started out as a feature on the Garry Moore Show.

Collection Of Collections When my Mom was a teenager, she collected matchbook covers. Years later, she collected snow globes and glitterglobes. I've always been fascinated by hobby collections, and I've collected more things than I can remember in my lifetime. I also love books about collecting, even if the items are not what I'm interested in. … Continue reading Collection Of Collections