New Name and Second Board

I've renamed my collection and added a second board for Pins suggested by Pinterest. I hope to someday add a third board which will have images of famous people's collections, but so far I've only found one that's free to use or share.

Journals vs. Blogs

To me the difference between a journal and a blog is that a journal, although some parts may be shared, is private, and a blog, although it may have some private posts, is public.Another difference is that a blog is written online, while a journal can be written with pen and paper.I find that journaling … Continue reading Journals vs. Blogs

Retro Virtual Reality

I've participated in online RPGs. I've had virtual babies, virtual pets, virtual houses, virtual careers. I've played Farmville, and someday I might have a farm there again. I've enjoyed the virtual reality...[but isn't that a contradiction in terms?] offered by various websites, some of which are now gone. So I'm not writing this post to … Continue reading Retro Virtual Reality

The Perfect Mother

[Originally published five years ago on my Semper Gaudete blog. Slightly edited.] Today, Mother's Day, I'm going to blog about the perfect mother.Most mothers, both real and fictional, are not perfect; they make mistakes from time to time.  Not even Mrs. March in Louisa May Alcott's Little Women was perfect. Remember the chapter called "Jo Meets Apollyon", … Continue reading The Perfect Mother