Commercial Reversal (Old Posts)

A few years  ago, I posted on one of my now-defunct blogs: Today’s daily prompt word gives me the perfect opportunity to say something I’ve been wanting to say for some time now. I am annoyed by commercials with the words “Real people. Not actors.” It’s just as vivid to say, “The people shown here are not actors,” and/or … Continue reading Commercial Reversal (Old Posts)

Different Reactions: A 20-Word Story (Revised) I get the utmost enjoyment out of writing these vividly short stories! Different Reactions AlwaysARose (ChelleBee) Rose reacted with serenity when some liars spread a scurrilous rumor that she wasn't lucid.Her grandchildren? That's another story! Series this work belongs to: ← Previous Work Part 5 of the 20 Word Stories series

What I’m Reading Besides The Bible and A Daily DevotionalEvery Day Is A Gift I'm reading: One Catholic Book:True Devotion To Mary * by St. Louis de Montfort One Work of Fiction:  Tales From Shakespeare* # @by Charles and Mary LambI found this book in the public librarywhen I was in the third grade, and, most fortunately, decided to … Continue reading What I’m Reading

Thursday Is Art Day: April 15th There must be a more vivid word than "talent" for what it took for Vincent Van Gogh to paint "Starry Night".Years ago, when I was visiting the MOMA, I saw a little girl who was there with her father stop in front of the original painting.   I will always remember what she said."Look, Daddy!  … Continue reading Thursday Is Art Day: April 15th

Some VERY Short Stories I vividly missed the 6 Word Story Prompts, so I started writing Six Word "Josie In Trouble" Stories HeartinBayCity (ChelleBee53) Summary: Various incidents, some of which actually happened on Another World, distilled into six word stories.Another World is the property of Procter and Gamble Productions. Notes: Subject to updating 1 Stakeout ruined. Josie … Continue reading Some VERY Short Stories