Nanofiction Here is another one of my short stories. Last Meal AlwaysARose53 (ChelleBee53) Summary: One of my older works. The prisoner sat in his cell, slowly eating his last meal: strawberries. After all, what did hives matter, now? As he finished the last sweet, ripe, rose-red berry, his attorney and the warden approached. "I have … Continue reading Nanofiction

Some VERY Short Stories I vividly missed the 6 Word Story Prompts, so I started writing Six Word "Josie In Trouble" Stories HeartinBayCity (ChelleBee53) Summary: Various incidents, some of which actually happened on Another World, distilled into six word stories.Another World is the property of Procter and Gamble Productions. Notes: Subject to updating 1 Stakeout ruined. Josie … Continue reading Some VERY Short Stories

Saturday Song List: April 10

Every Saturday, I will post a list of songs connected in some way to various prompts given during the week, one song for each prompt. Weekend----Steve Wariner Sh-Boom (Life Could Be A Dream)---The Crew Cuts Heart Will Go On--- Celine Dion Habit To Break---Chicago| Shorts---The Royal Teens A Surgeon---Weird … Continue reading Saturday Song List: April 10

I Disagree With This Article (Old Post, Rewritten and Expanded) I vividly disagree with the author of this article, who claims that adults should feel embarrassed to read children's books. My reaction:"COW FLOPS!" Would the author prefer that we read pornography?Now that I would be embarrassed and ashamed to read, even if it weren't a mortal sin. If I had been able to … Continue reading I Disagree With This Article (Old Post, Rewritten and Expanded)