Signatures (From an Old Blog)

I’m not talking about handwritten names in this post. I’m talking about items worn as part of somebody’s personal style. I’ve been reading quite a bit about that lately, and have come to a few of my own conclusions on the subject.

For one thing, I don’t use the terms “signature accessory” and “signature piece” interchangeably. Let’s say I had a collection of plastic bead necklaces, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and so on, and wore a different necklace every day. That would make plastic bead necklaces a signature ACCESSORY. If, on the other hand, [maybe I should have said “rings” instead of “necklaces”] I had ONE plastic bead necklace that I wore every day, then it would be a signature PIECE.

I believe in having a signature piece AND a signature accessory. If I wore a certain pendant, and a different headband, every day, the pendant would be my signature piece, and headbands my signature accessory.

If a man always wears striped neckties, then I would consider that his signature accessory. If he wore the same necktie every day… you get the idea.

Or perhaps a girl or woman always wears blue nail polish. That would be her signature, or perhaps ONE OF her signatures.

If someone always wears a certain color, especially very noticeably, then that is his or her signature color.

And there are some people who have a signature scent. In Maud Hart Lovelace’s “Betsy-Tacy” books, Mrs. Ray, [Betsy’s mother] always wears violet perfume. Violet perfume is her signature scent.

Of course, if one always wears a custom-made bracelet or necklace created from one’s own handwritten name, then that is a signature piece in more ways than one.

So I HAVE talked about handwritten names in this post after all!

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