This Is A Vivid Post (Old Post, Expanded)

Does the above title seem a bit strange, a bit vivid to you? Well, there’s a method to my madness… or perhaps a madness to my method.

In Ethelyn M. Parkinson’s children’s novel, “Never Go Anywhere With Digby”, a book I could devour right now with great pleasure, Digby Welch and his friends use the word vivid as a handy, all purpose word that means whatever they want it to mean at the moment.

Technically, though, the word “vivid” can only be used as an adjective or as an adverb by adding “ly” to change the word to “vividly”. Digby uses both forms.

I’ve thought on and off for years about having my own handy, all-purpose word, and now I’ve made my mind that I’m going to have one. This word will be used in the same way that Digby uses vivid and vividly; it will not be used to replace a noun or a verb. I can’t, for example, imagine myself saying ,”I read a great vivid the other day,” but I can imagine myself saying, “I read a vivid book the other day.

That is, of course, if I decide to use vivid as my handy, all-purpose word. Should I do that, or should I pick one of my own? That’s a vivid question!

Update: In case anyone wonders if I ever did choose a handy, all-purpose word, I’ll alleviate your curiosity by admitting that I did use vivid for awhile
on an old blog, but right now I don’t have a handy, all-purpose word.

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