Pampered Pussycat Lucky was a beautiful cat with long hair. Her dedicated, caring owners....make that humans.... brushed her several times a day.

Meow! I’m Home This happened more than thirty years ago.The summer was almost over, and we had just gotten back from our upstate property.As soon as he was out of the car, our cat, Misty gave a "Meow!" todisseminate the news, "I'm home!"Well, cats came running from all directions, meowing and meowing. Theysurrounded Misty, and some of … Continue reading Meow! I’m Home

Compassionate Pets

The following is taken, completely unedited, from my very first blog. Animals can be compassionate towards one another.   I have seen this for myself. Years ago, my family had a Maine coon cat, Misty, and an elderly  Sheltie, Jolie.  Jolie had become arthritic, and there were some days when she could barely move {If you're wondering why … Continue reading Compassionate Pets

Communicating With A Canadian Cat (Old Post, Slightly Modified) In this post from at least two of my old blogs, I share an encounter my family and I once had with a Canadian cat. One summer back in the 1970s, my mother, stepfather, grandmother, stepniece and I spent a few days in Toronto. On the first night, we saw a cat lying in … Continue reading Communicating With A Canadian Cat (Old Post, Slightly Modified)