Nanofiction, Slightly Edited

I found it a delight to do some deft (I hope!) editing of a nanofiction I wrote years ago.
This updated version appears on Archive Of Our Own.

The Winning Slogan

HeartinBayCity (ChelleBee53)


Donna and Grant run against each other for mayor in this AU nanofiction.
Another World is the property of Procter and Gamble Productions


(See the end of the work for notes.)

In 1997, Grant Harrison and Donna Love ran against each other for mayor of Bay City. Grant was sure he would win,
not despite, but because of, his past misdeeds. He was billed as THE CANDIDATE WITH NOTHING TO HIDE.

But Donna won by a landslide. Her campaign slogan? VOTE FOR ME–I’M NOT GRANT.


“THE CANDIDATE WITH NOTHING TO HIDE” really was Grant’s campaign slogan.

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