Commercial Reversal (Old Posts)

A few years  ago, I posted on one of my now-defunct blogs: Today’s daily prompt word gives me the perfect opportunity to say something I’ve been wanting to say for some time now. I am annoyed by commercials with the words “Real people. Not actors.” It’s just as vivid to say, “The people shown here are not actors,” and/or … Continue reading Commercial Reversal (Old Posts)

What I’m Reading

Besides The Bible and A Daily Devotional:Every Day Is A GiftI'm reading: One Catholic Book:  Ancient Devotions To The Sacred Heart of Jesus ^ by Carthusian Monks of the XIV-XVII Centuries Two Works of Fiction:One Collection of Stories:The King's Daughter # by VariousOne Full-Length Book:Stranger Online # @by Carol Smith One Jewish Book:People Speak 5 @by Chaim Walder One Work … Continue reading What I’m Reading

Saturday Song List: June 12

Every Saturday, I will post a list of songs connected in some way to various prompts given during the week, one song for each prompt. For An Echo---Kenny Vance and the Planotones High The Cross---Cathedral Of St. John the Divine Choir Together----The Turtles It---"Weird Al" Yankovic and Coffee---Prince Give (The … Continue reading Saturday Song List: June 12

Fiction Friday: June 11 Dark AU “Another World” Fic

Archive Warning: Major Character Death Fandom: Another World (TV) Additional Tags: AUvery shortTragedy Remorse HeartinBayCity (ChelleBee) Summary: This AU story, told from Grant's viewpoint, takes place in early January, 1998.What if Dante and Paulina had died in that fire?"Another World" is the property of Procter and Gamble Productions He never meant for that to happen. He only meant to … Continue reading Fiction Friday: June 11 Dark AU “Another World” Fic