Fiction Friday: September 30


AlwaysARose (LittleBrownRock)


(See the end of the work for notes)

Lisa was inside a kaleidoscope.
Colors, like shards of shattered rainbows, twirled and swirled around her, whirled around her, surrounded her.
Rose petals, yellow, white, pink and red, and autumn leaves, orange, yellow, vermilion, joined, wind-tossed, in the dance.

And then, clothes, some striped, polka-dotted, checked, plaid, or floral-patterned, and some in solid colors, spun around Lisa, reminding her
of the laundry in the dryer in her old apartment building. How those tumbling clothes had fascinated her, enthralled her, in her childhood! She had even written a poem about it, which the building’s superintendent posted on the laundry room’s wall.

Clothing spinning in dryer,
swirling, twirling, whirling,
like a cloth kaleidoscope. *

The rainbow bits, the petals, the leaves, the clothing, all moved into shifting and re-shifting patterns.
Lisa had always loved kaleidoscopes, and now she was inside a most magical, mystical, amazing kaleidoscope.

Or was the kaleidoscope inside her head?


*Reformatted from a poem I posted here under my ArtyBee pseud.


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