Fiction Friday: July 15: “Another World” Fic

Keeping Josie Out Of Trouble?

HeartinBayCity (ChelleBee)


Can Gary keep Josie from getting into trouble with Joe after she messes up?

Characters are the property of Procter and Gamble Productions.

I’ve included the following prompts
in this story.
This story has been edited.


This story was written in fulfillment of a promise.

(See the end of the work for more notes.)

Josie knew she should be in bed, asleep. The stakeout would start in less than four hours.
But the novel she was reading was so interesting that Josie kept saying to herself, “Just one more chapter.” One more chapter, however, led to another, and another.

Besides, Gary was out of town working on a case, and Josie slept best when she slept next to her husband.

The door opened, and Gary, thinking that Josie was asleep, walked in very quietly. He was surprised to see her sitting on the couch, absorbed in her book.

She looked up.


She sprang up and ran to him, and for a minute they were wrapped in each others’ arms.

Then Gary said, “I thought you’d be asleep, J.”

“I’m going to bed now,” Josie said. “Joe and Tibbs and I are going on a stakeout in a few hours.”

“Are you going to be in any condition for a stakeout?”

“I’ll be fine. I’ll get up an hour before I have to get to the 2-3, have a quick, cold shower and two cups of black coffee. That should keep me going. But you look wide awake.”

“I slept on the plane.”

An hour later, Gary quietly shut off the alarm, figuring that Josie needed her sleep more than she needed to go on a stakeout.

“Besides,” he reasoned with himself, “if she were too groggy to function, that could be dangerous.”
Gary also figured that Joe would give Josie a lecture on irresponsibility, and probably punish her.
Gary loved Joe like a brother, but he did not like it when Joe punished Josie, even though there were times when he had to admit Josie
deserved it, especially when she placed herself in unnecessary danger.
“Well,” he thought, “this time I’m keeping her from endangering herself, and from getting in trouble with Joe.”

Gary, realizing that Josie’s absence from the stakeout would leave Joe short-handed, went into the living room and telephoned him.

“Joe, it’s Gary.”

“Hey, Gary!”

“I got home a couple of hours ago, and Josie was wide awake. She’d been in bed for hours, but she couldn’t get to sleep until about an hour ago.”

Gary hated lying to Joe, but he felt it was worth it to keep Josie out of trouble.

“She was supposed to go on a stakeout with me and Tibbs,” Joe said.

“Yes, she mentioned that. That’s why I called you, because she’s in no condition for a stakeout.”

“You’re right about that, Gary. I’ll get Adams to take her place; he’s scheduled to be at the 2-3 at that time anyway.”

Gary hesitated and then asked, “you’re not mad at her, are you?”

“No, Gary. We all have sleepless nights sometimes. Just let Josie sleep as long as she needs to. I won’t lecture her or dock her pay for coming in late.”

“Thanks, Joe,” Gary said

It was midmorning before Josie awakened. She looked at her alarm clock in horror.

“The stakeout! I missed the stakeout! Joe is going to kill me!”

“Joe would never kill you, J.”

“But I’m still going to be in big trouble.”

“No, you won’t,” Gary reassured her. “I called Joe and told him you had trouble falling asleep. He has no idea that you really stayed up reading.”

“What did Joe say?”

“That I should let you sleep as long as you needed to, and he’s not going to lecture you or dock your pay for coming in late.”

As soon as she got to the 2-3, Josie knocked on the door to Joe’s office. Joe let her in.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” Josie said, “and I’m sorry for missing the stakeout.”

“Don’t worry about it, Josie. We got the perps.”

“Then you’re not mad at me?”

“No, Josie, not at all. Like I told Gary, we all have sleepless nights sometimes.”

“Not even the chamomile tea Frankie always swore by helped,” Josie said.
And suddenly, she knew she’d gone too far. She could almost feel Frankie’s disappointed, reproachful eyes on her.

“Josie,” Joe asked, concerned, “what’s wrong?”

“It was a lie, Joe! It was all a lie!”

Joe locked the door and closed the blinds. Then he said, “Go on, Josie.”

“I didn’t have insomnia. I wasn’t even in bed. I was….I was reading a novel.”

“When you knew you were supposed to get up early? Wouldn’t the mature thing to do have been to put the book aside and go to bed?”

“Yes, sir,” Josie admitted. “I think I knew all along that it was a mistake to stay up reading.”

“You made a bigger mistake just now when you added your own lie to Gary’s.”

“Are you mad at Gary for lying to you?” Josie asked.

“Maybe just a little bit, but I understand why he did it.” Joe answered. “He was trying to keep you out of trouble. And I’m going to keep
my promise to Gary not to punish you for missing the stakeout and coming in late.”

“Thanks, Joe.”

“But I am going to punish you for the lie you just told me.” you retracted your lie right away, and you also told me the truth about why you were up so late.”

And, very soon, Josie was draped over Joe’s lap in an all too familiar* position.
“Now, Josie, you’re going to get four spanks for the lie you told. It’s for your own good.”

“Only four?” Josie asked, relieved.

“I don’t think you need any more. After all, you retracted your lie right away, and you also told me the truth about why you were up so late.”
Joe lifted his hand and paddled Josie.




Joe helped Josie to her feet and took her in his arms. Josie snuggled her head on Joe’s shoulder. She hadn’t, this time, shed a single tear.

“Don’t tell Gary about this,” Joe said. “Let him think he kept you out of trouble.”

“He did keep me out of trouble,” Josie replied humbly. “I’m the one who got me into trouble.”


* “All too familiar” is right!


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