This Is A Vivid Post (Old Post, Expanded) Does the above title seem a bit strange, a bit vivid to you? Well, there’s a method to my madness… or perhaps a madness to my method. In Ethelyn M. Parkinson’s children’s novel, "Never Go Anywhere With Digby", a book I could devour right now with great pleasure, Digby Welch and his friends … Continue reading This Is A Vivid Post (Old Post, Expanded)

Journals vs. Blogs

To me the difference between a journal and a blog is that a journal, although some parts may be shared, is private, and a blog, although it may have some private posts, is public.Another difference is that a blog is written online, while a journal can be written with pen and paper.I find that journaling … Continue reading Journals vs. Blogs

Mom Was A Phillumenist

Yes, in her teen years, Mom was a phillumenist. In other words, as I mentioned in my recent post, "Collection Of Collections", she collected matchbook covers. When I wrote that post, I didn't know the word for matchbook cover collectors. I found that word, and nineteen others, in this article. I wanted a word, a … Continue reading Mom Was A Phillumenist