Not Only In Comics Many stories in the old "Little Lulu" comics followed the following pattern:Something was missing or damaged.Lulu was blamed and spanked, usually by her mother, but sometimes by her father.Lulu's innocence was proven, too late, usually by her friend Tubby in his "Spider" persona.The culprit frequently turned out, with sublime irony, … Continue reading Not Only In Comics

Impromptu Verse when I was in 10th grade, our English teacher asked us to come up with a poem built on the "June, spoon, moon" rhymes.Never before, and never since, did I come up with a rhyme so quickly; my hand shot up almost immediately."Already?" the teacher asked. "Let's hear it." And here is the verse: … Continue reading Impromptu Verse

Different Opinions My 11th grade English teacher claimed that "Moby Dick"was the greatest novel ever written.My 12th grade English teacher did not share his enthusiasm forthat book.She told us on the very first day, "I switched from teaching the 11th gradebecause if I had to teach "Moby Dick" once more, I was going to scream."I … Continue reading Different Opinions

Coney Island Coney Island. Just one neighborhood away from my own, Brighton Beach, and yet it seemed like a completely different world.I've never been able to hear this song without thinking about Coney Island, and about my boardwalk. And those hot dogs and French fries just had to be Nathan's!The arcades... oh, how much fun I … Continue reading Coney Island

I Know It Was Just A TV Show, But…..! (Old Post)

I was fifteen years old when the Bewitched episode, "I Don't Want To Be A Toad, I Want To Be A Butterfly," aired for the first time.Remember that episode?   Tabitha goes to nursery school, and during a forest game, Mrs. Burch, the teacher, tells a girl named Amy that she will be the toad.Amy … Continue reading I Know It Was Just A TV Show, But…..! (Old Post)