Interactive Viewing (Old Post)

At least half the fun of watching a soap opera is talking to, or, more often, yelling at, the characters.Quite often, what I’ve yelled has started with the word “Don’t”“Don’t open that door!”“Don’t get in that car!”“Don’t drink that!”I reserve those and other warnings for the characters I like.And, at times I’ve expressed sympathy:“I know you miss … Continue reading Interactive Viewing (Old Post)

25 Years Ago Today Today is a tragic anniversary for the viewers of the classic soap opera, Another World. On this day in 1996, we watched in horror as our beloved Frankie Frame Winthrop was murdered in the most violent, brutal, sickening scene I ever saw on television. I have never watched that scene again. I never will … Continue reading 25 Years Ago Today

The Things You Find On!

A search on can lead to some surprising memories. I've found several of my old blogs and other websites. Some of them were hosted on now-defunct sites. I was browsing an old Another World message board when I spotted the username World2World. I gave a little gasp,,,, that was ME!!!! I chose that name … Continue reading The Things You Find On!

Songs From Soaps

I loved the Procter and Gamble soap opera, "Another World". Here are some songs from that show that are especially meaningful to me. "If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful" Cass and Kathleen's song. "(You Take Me Away To) Another World" I love this song, but I hated the "Sin Stalker" storyline it … Continue reading Songs From Soaps