Scammers! (Old post, expanded)

FOWC with Fandango — Abhor I'm not sure, but I think the victims are picked at random; my own mother was one of them. Some creep (I'm being polite!) called and claimed to be her grandson. He then said he was being held in a Mexican jail for drunk driving, and he needed bail money, … Continue reading Scammers! (Old post, expanded)

Forty Years Ago Horrible memory... I had just had breakfast.... coffee and a buttered English muffin.... in my Baba's apartment.   I was about to leave for an adult education class I was taking, when Baba asked if I'd heard about John Lennon. "No, what?"  I asked.   I expected to hear something good.  Never in a million years … Continue reading Forty Years Ago

RIP, Dad My stepfather, Jimmy Tripodi, passed away on September 30th, 1994, sotoday's word from Fandango fits perfectly.I wrote a eulogy, and read it at his funeral. I didn't think I'd be able to getthrough it, but I did, by pretending that I was merely acting in a play.After so many years, I can't remember everything … Continue reading RIP, Dad

Ordinary Things, Not An Ordinary Day (Old Post, Slightly Edited)

Tomorrow is the 19th anniversary of 9/11. That morning, I was warming up some biscuits. This was such a normal, ordinary thing for me to do. So was turning on the radio, but that day, for some reason, I didn't turn it on until it was time for Dan Daniel (Dandy Dan Daniel, Daniel Daniel … Continue reading Ordinary Things, Not An Ordinary Day (Old Post, Slightly Edited)