Today Tuesday/Mostly About Food This is normally a nostalgia blog, but on Tuesdays I deviate from the norm, at least in one post, and write about more recent things.And I've found several prompts today, thanks in large part to Fandango, that fit perfectly into this Today Tuesday post. Are you an adventurous eater, or do you … Continue reading Today Tuesday/Mostly About Food

Saturday Night Sentence/She Couldn’t Say A Word

Starting tonight, I will be posting a one-sentence-prompt every Saturday night.Write a post of any kind you like, fiction, poetry, anecdote, containing that sentence. All I ask is that you keep it clean.The sentence can appear anywhere in your post.Include a link to this post to create a pingback.If you're not on WordPress, put a … Continue reading Saturday Night Sentence/She Couldn’t Say A Word

Rocky and Bullwinkle… Complete Collection As a kid, I never missed an episode of "Rocky and Bullwinkle". I may even have been a bit squirrelly about those cartoons, and that's no bull!So I was delighted to find the entire run on YouTube.'s full name, as you probably already know, is Rocket J. Squirrel. And "rocket" is such an appropriate … Continue reading Rocky and Bullwinkle… Complete Collection