Sounds: A Sonnet

ArtyBee (ChelleBee) These are just some of the sounds I have heard:The rustling of leaves on slender birches.Coffee plipping in the percolator.The humming of the refrigerator.Cats purring. Friends saying, "See you later!"The calling bells of several churches.Birds twittering from various perches,and sometimes the song of one single bird.The clicking tick of a clock on the … Continue reading Sounds: A Sonnet

A Poem I Wrote Some Time Ago Sextet: Return The Melody ArtyBee53 (ChelleBee53) Summary: A poem I wrote many years ago, inspired in part by a true incident, and in part by "Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A Blackbird" by Wallace Stevens. 1 "Ode To Joy" playing.Birds outside my windowreturn the melody. 2 How much has art owed to joy,how much … Continue reading A Poem I Wrote Some Time Ago

Old Post With Old Prompt

Grammar Made Simple If I say, “They invited my friend and I,”Will it make my English teachers cry?If I say, “They invited my friend and myself,”Do I need the grammar textbook on the shelf?Or would the proper expression be,“They invited my friend and me?”I’ll simplify things. I’ll stop all the fuss,And just say, “They invited … Continue reading Old Post With Old Prompt