Was Winky Speaking English?

[Post from one of my old blogs, slightly edited.] Okay, I don’t mean to imply that Winky has an extensive spoken English vocabulary. I only heard him say one word in English, but he used it in the right context.I had just taken some food out of the refrigerator when Winky came over… as he … Continue reading Was Winky Speaking English?

My Street

https://wordpress.com/discover-wordpress/2020/04/04/discover-prompts-day-4-street/ When I think about my street, or perhaps I should say my block, I mean the block I grew up on, the street of my childhood. Summer nights. Kids sitting on stoops eating candy, eating ices or ice cream, eating pumpkin seeds, eating those candy buttons with the paper that always got into our … Continue reading My Street

Remembering My Former Cat

I gave some of the posts....okay, MANY of the posts...on my incognito blog the tag "mykitty". I wrote about him quite frequently. So why am I using the past tense, and why have I called this post "Remembering My Former Cat"? I hope I haven't worried any readers of my old blog. Winky (and now … Continue reading Remembering My Former Cat