Fiction Friday: May 28: Death By Eggs Fandoms: Original WorkNo Fandom Additional Tags: SurrealDrabbleSillyfic Death By Eggs AlwaysARose (ChelleBee) Summary: No, Stella Rose was not allergic to eggs, and yet eggs, specifically scrambled eggs,were the death of her. "If I see scrambled eggs on my plate again," nursing home resident Stella Rose thought, "I'll scream."She'd been given scrambled eggs for … Continue reading Fiction Friday: May 28: Death By Eggs

AW Fic: Running Into Trouble first episode of "Another World" aired on this day in 1964; therefore I felt it would befitting to post one of my AW fics here.I use the theme "Josie In Trouble" for a good percentage of my Another World fan fiction. This story even has the word "trouble" in the title! Running Into … Continue reading AW Fic: Running Into Trouble

He’s In For It! "You had a lot of nerve to zoom into my yard on your bike, knock things over, and ruin this festive occasion," the indignant hostess said. "I'm calling the cops."The boy looked down and wondered, without much optimism, what they would charge him with.  Not only that, but he also couldn't … Continue reading He’s In For It!

Winner, But Not For Long After winning the contest by cheating, Letty went home from school feeling festive.But the next day, after the salute to the flag, her classmate, Clarissa, tattled."You snitch!" Letty hissed, pulling Clarissa's hair.Except she didn't say snitch.