Fiction Friday: December 17

Rushing Things AlwaysARose (ChelleBee) Summary: A story I wrote in 2018.. I should have posted it here a few weeks ago Notes: Slightly edited. Molly usually arose as soon as her clock radio came on. Sometimes she turned it off, but if a songtshe liked was playing, she left it on.That morning she turned it … Continue reading Fiction Friday: December 17

Fiction Friday: July 16

Healing Powers AlwaysARose (ChelleBee) Summary: This is an expanded version of a story I wrote years ago.I'm deliberately not revealing whether the characters areCatholic, Protestant, or Eastern Orthodox. Albert, a patient at Rosedale Hospital, had just received a visitor, a woman from his church. She looked around, saw the crystal by Albert's bed, and wrinkled … Continue reading Fiction Friday: July 16

Nanofiction Here is another one of my short stories. Last Meal AlwaysARose53 (ChelleBee53) Summary: One of my older works. The prisoner sat in his cell, slowly eating his last meal: strawberries. After all, what did hives matter, now? As he finished the last sweet, ripe, rose-red berry, his attorney and the warden approached. "I have … Continue reading Nanofiction

Fiction Friday: Short MASH Fic

September 17, 1972 ChelleBee53 Notes: The title of this quiet post-war M*A*S*H fic is the day on which the show aired for the first time."M*A*S*H" is the property of 20th Century Fox Television. Hawkeye Pierce looked at his friends from the 4077, friends he hadn't seen since Colonel Potter's funeral. And today, once again, they … Continue reading Fiction Friday: Short MASH Fic

Fiction Friday: Slightly Ambiguous Story

Certain elements of this story, including the ending, are deliberately ambiguous. It Will Never Happen Again "What happened last night will never happen again. Do you forgive me?" "Sure, Daddy," Debi said, not daring to say anything else But the next time Mommy went to a meeting, it happened again.It happened the way it always … Continue reading Fiction Friday: Slightly Ambiguous Story