Year-Old Post: A Special Ship

Fandango’s Flashback Friday — April 9 Is it possible to feel love for a ship that was scrapped way back in 1928? To feel that that ship is part of your family? Well, I feel that way about the first ship to bear the name Noordam. That’s the ship my maternal great-grandparents, grandmother, great-aunts and great-uncles … Continue reading Year-Old Post: A Special Ship

Post From 2010 This was originally posted on an old blog of mine in 2010; it's been reposted many times since then. The First Saint I Ever Heard Of Today is the Solemnity of St. Joseph, Husband of Mary. People love to quote the saints, but we cannot quote St. Joseph. None of his words have been … Continue reading Post From 2010

Fandango’s Flashback Friday: 2/19/21 This was originally published on one of my old blogs in 2011. Not In Any Of The Usual Ways Those of you who have been reading my blog know thatI am a Jewish convert to the Catholic Church. What youmay not know, however, is that I am also a revert. Yes,I was, for several … Continue reading Fandango’s Flashback Friday: 2/19/21