Rude Disruption Rude Disruption AlwaysARose (ChelleBee) Summary: Written for, where the prompt word given is "garden". Rose White, sitting in hergarden of white rosesdrinking White Rose Tea,rose, white-faced, when she heard the crash.

Another 20-Word Story

Snap, Crackle.... SNAPPED!!! AlwaysARose (ChelleBee) Summary: This was inspired by these two online prompts. Martha stunned everyone when she rose from the breakfasttable in a passion, screaming "SHUT UP!" at her talking cereal. Series this work belongs to: ← Previous Work Part 8 of the 20 Word Stories series

Different Reactions: A 20-Word Story (Revised) I get the utmost enjoyment out of writing these vividly short stories! Different Reactions AlwaysARose (ChelleBee) Rose reacted with serenity when some liars spread a scurrilous rumor that she wasn't lucid.Her grandchildren? That's another story! Series this work belongs to: ← Previous Work Part 5 of the 20 Word Stories series

Homily-Inspired Story Rose Valley Hall AlwaysARose53 (ChelleBee53) Notes: (See the end of the work for notes.) Rose Valley Hall, the most impressive catering establishment in town, went a bit over the top to be impressive.It boasted ten floors, fifty, yes, FIFTY dining rooms, and five hundred bathrooms, all of them numbered.But was it a religious person or a smart aleck who … Continue reading Homily-Inspired Story

Nanofiction Here is another one of my short stories. Last Meal AlwaysARose53 (ChelleBee53) Summary: One of my older works. The prisoner sat in his cell, slowly eating his last meal: strawberries. After all, what did hives matter, now? As he finished the last sweet, ripe, rose-red berry, his attorney and the warden approached. "I have … Continue reading Nanofiction