Buying In Haste

HeartinBayCity (ChelleBee) Summary: Written using the following prompts: realized when I got home that I had accidentally…(slightly modified for this fic) Josie discovered one morning that she was almost out of her trademark blue nail polish, so as soon as hershift at the 2--3 was over, she went shopping."We're closing in five minutes," a clerk … Continue reading Buying In Haste

Single Sentence Story

Was He Being A Wiseguy? AlwaysARose (ChelleBee) Summary: Written using the following prompts: Ambrose was at a loss for words when a boy in his class asked,"Is looking at someone's butt hindsight?" Series this work belongs to: ← Previous Work Part 22 of the 20 Word Stories series← Previous Work Part 13 of the Single Sentence Stories series

Sewing Project Disaster

AlwaysARose (ChelleBee) Summary: Written using the following prompts: Claudia's sewing teacher almost committed mayhem when the girl handed in her latest project. "Have you learned NOTHING this term?" she demanded, shaking her finger. "This skirt is much too long!"The girl turned rose-red as her classmates laughed in chorus. The teacher went on, "I'm returning this … Continue reading Sewing Project Disaster

The Readers AlwaysARose (ChelleBee) Summary: I took a story I'd already written, but never published, and reworked it to fit this challenge.[Exactly 84 words] Notes: Sandra's unexpected visitors can be from any book you like, and Sandra herself can be any age you like. Sandra was reading one of her favorite books when suddenly its characters … Continue reading The Readers

Two Close Brushes

AlwaysARose (ChelleBee) Summary: This story was written for the challenge was to write something in exactly 87 words.It also contains the following prompt: "You went out in a canoe by yourself, you took it without permission, and you didn't wear a life jacket," Mrs. Anderson, director of Camp Rose Valley, said to twelve-year-old Marilyn. "As … Continue reading Two Close Brushes