Something New Every Day I've decided to look for at least one new thing every day. It may be a work of art I've never seen, a poem, story, or book I've never read, a piece of music I've never heard before. It might be a tv show I've never watched. It could just be an interesting bit … Continue reading Something New Every Day

A Strange Easter Sunday

This has been an unusual Easter Sunday, as far as eating is concerned.Ordinarily, I would, by now, have eaten OH so much chocolate, including chocolate ice cream.But this year, I'm not feeling very good; I've been sick for several days, nauseous and lightheaded. I've been making myself eat a little bit, mostly saltine crackers, and … Continue reading A Strange Easter Sunday

Dishes, Dishes, And More Dishes

What could I write or post using the word "dish"? I thought and thought.... and then I remembered a story I'd written years ago and forgotten about until now. Denise was at the kitchen sink, washing the dishes {as usual} and singing {as usual}. Her voice, as she sang, was sweet; her thoughts were bitter. … Continue reading Dishes, Dishes, And More Dishes

My Street When I think about my street, or perhaps I should say my block, I mean the block I grew up on, the street of my childhood. Summer nights. Kids sitting on stoops eating candy, eating ices or ice cream, eating pumpkin seeds, eating those candy buttons with the paper that always got into our … Continue reading My Street

And I Was In Love

I was only ten when The Beatles made their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. I liked their music, but I hadn't gone gaga over them.Not yet, anyway. And then...Paul sang "Till There Was You". And I was in love.... along with millions of other girls. Two years later, I wrote a letter … Continue reading And I Was In Love