Luminous Mysteries (Adapted From An Old Post) When Pope St. John Paul II added the Luminous Mysteries to the Rosary in 2002, I was delighted, absolutely delighted. I had felt for a long time that there was too great a gap between the Fifth Joyful Mystery and the First Sorrowful Mystery. A BIG chunk of Our Lord's life on Earth was … Continue reading Luminous Mysteries (Adapted From An Old Post)

Little Things (Old Post)

I love this quote from my Patron Saint, Therese of Lisieux, whose feast we celebrate today:"Pick up a pin for the love of God, and you may save a soul."How right, how wise! We may not be called to do great things,but we can do the little, everyday tasks for the love of God, and … Continue reading Little Things (Old Post)

Today Tuesday: Stabat Mater

I watch the live Mass on EWTN every morning.Today is the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows, so the choir sangthe Sequence, "Stabat Mater". "At the Cross, her station keeping,Stood the mournful Mother, weeping"I love that hymn, but I do not agree with the second line.I don't believe for one minute that Mary was weeping … Continue reading Today Tuesday: Stabat Mater

This May Surprise You (Old Post, Slightly Edited) Time to share a bit more about myself. I am a middle-aged (I've never really liked that expression, because to me middle-aged is half as old as one is GOING to be) single woman. I still live with my mother due to a physical disability. We have separate apartments; mine is downstairs, and Mom's is … Continue reading This May Surprise You (Old Post, Slightly Edited)