Prayer Book

I use this book to pray the Liturgy Of The Hours. I start early in the morning with the Office of Readings, followed immediately by Morning Prayer. [The other hours are Midday Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Night Prayer.] I look out the window as I pray; sometimes I see the sun rise. And this morning, … Continue reading Prayer Book

My Faith-And My faith

When I write about my Faith... upper-case F... I mean my Catholic Faith, my religion, my theology. I mean the doctrines of the Catholic Church. The closest synonym I can think of for this kind of Faith is belief. I feed my Faith by watching the Mass on EWTN, by reading the Bible [Revised Standard … Continue reading My Faith-And My faith

Bored, Worried, And Lonely Right now, there are many people who are finding life a bit lackluster. To say that it's not easy being in quarantine would be, perhaps, the understatement of the century. We are bored, worried, and lonely all at the same time. And when I say "we", I'm definitely including myself. So how am I … Continue reading Bored, Worried, And Lonely


There's a card that many Catholics used to carry; perhaps some still do:"I AM A ROMAN CATHOLIC. IN CASE OF ACCIDENT, PLEASE CALL A PRIEST." Well, there was a priest in my old parish back in the eighties who had a card that said: "I AM A ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST. IN CASE OF ACCIDENT, PLEASE … Continue reading A CARD, AND A JOKE