Fiction Friday: The Scraps (Nanofiction)

This story was inspired by a conversation I had with a priest.The miracle of the loaves and fishes can be found in all four Gospels. The Scraps After the multitude had eaten their fill of the loaves and fishes, Jesus instructed His disciples to collect the fragments.The question, "What is Jesus going to do with … Continue reading Fiction Friday: The Scraps (Nanofiction)

What WOULD They Have Said? (Old post,slightly edited.) Sometimes I like to speculate on what would have happened if there had been a recorded music industry when David wrote what we now know and love as the 23rd Psalm. The record company executives might have had the foresight to say, "Davy, baby, that's a hit!" Then again, they very well might have … Continue reading What WOULD They Have Said? (Old post,slightly edited.)

All My Bibles (Old Post, Updated) I've had so many Bibles, in so many translations, it's not funny. Fine Art Bibles, pocket-sized Bibles, medium-sized Bibles, One-Year Bibles, devotional Bibles, parallel Bibles, study Bibles, leather Bibles, imitation leather Bibles, hardcover Bibles, paperback Bibles.Somehow, though, I always ended up going back to my Ignatius Holy Bible, Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition paperback … Continue reading All My Bibles (Old Post, Updated)