Candid Camera

I loved Candid Camera when I was a kid. This is an episode from 1948.... way before I was born. I didn't know until today that it started out as a feature on the Garry Moore Show.

Collection Of Collections When my Mom was a teenager, she collected matchbook covers. Years later, she collected snow globes and glitterglobes. I've always been fascinated by hobby collections, and I've collected more things than I can remember in my lifetime. I also love books about collecting, even if the items are not what I'm interested in. … Continue reading Collection Of Collections

Something New Every Day I've decided to look for at least one new thing every day. It may be a work of art I've never seen, a poem, story, or book I've never read, a piece of music I've never heard before. It might be a tv show I've never watched. It could just be an interesting bit … Continue reading Something New Every Day

A Strange Easter Sunday

This has been an unusual Easter Sunday, as far as eating is concerned.Ordinarily, I would, by now, have eaten OH so much chocolate, including chocolate ice cream.But this year, I'm not feeling very good; I've been sick for several days, nauseous and lightheaded. I've been making myself eat a little bit, mostly saltine crackers, and … Continue reading A Strange Easter Sunday