Emulating Johnny Malone (Old Post)

This is a post I wrote in 2011 on a now defunct blog. New material has been added

Every time I read Lenora Mattingly Weber’s books about the Malones, I find myself wishing that I knew as much about the history of New York State, especially Brooklyn, as Johnny Malone knew about Colorado, especially Denver.
Well, I could always follow his example:
Research and read.
And I have at least one advantage over Johnny Malone. He did not have access to the Internet!

And now I’ve decided to read something about the history of Brooklyn or some other part of New York every day. It may be part of a book, or it may be an article, or a website.

And although I will be reading about the history of different parts of New York State from time to time,my main focus will be on Brooklyn.

I’ve already found some great resources!



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