A Money-Changer Changes



I was speculating on these two Bible passages,:

John 2:14-17
Revelation 3:19
and this is the result.

I’ve also incorporated the following prompts into this story:

I was in the Temple with the other money-changers, when suddenly I heard a loud SMACK!, and felt a stinging pain in my buttocks. I heard another SMACK!, and knew that another money-changer had been struck.

And there was Jesus with a whip of cords in His hand, striking several others money-changers, and then me again.

We each received several good whiplashes, because Jesus not only wanted to drive us out; He also wanted to drive home that we should not turn the Temple into a marketplace.

But I shouldn’t have used the word “whiplashes,” because even though some of the other money-changers have described it as a whipping, it really didn’t hurt much more than a good spanking.

And as Jesus delivered one last whiplash…I mean spank… I realized three things.

1: I wasn’t going to be able to sit down for the rest of the day.
2: I wasn’t going to be a money-changer any more.
3: I was going become one of His followers.

Because, at that moment, as Jesus gave me that last SMACK!, I got a brief look into His eyes.
And yes, I saw anger there.
But I also saw something else.


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