Fiction Friday: October 28

Jessica’s Favorite Freckle

AlwaysARose (LittleBrownRock)


(See the end of the work for notes.)

There is nothing especially unusual about having freckles on one’s arms; many people do. But most people don’t have freckles that look like miniature pictures. Six-year-old Jessica did. The freckles on her arms were shaped like butterflies, birds, pears, vases with flowers, stars, hearts, several balloons on one string, leaves, ice-cream cones, clocks, and rosebuds.

Jessica often drew pictures of her freckles, as if she knew she must preserve them. The only difference was that while her freckles were brown, her pictures were in various colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white (on black construction paper), and silver. Only one picture was brown, a drawing of her favorite freckle, a bird-shaped freckle she’d named Chippy.

It was the most life-like of all Jessica’s pictures. It was the picture that won first prize in an art contest.

It turned out that Jessica had been wise to make pictures of her freckles, for one morning, the day after her seventh birthday, she woke up and found that she now had a sprinkling of quite ordinary freckles on her arms.

But there was a bird trilling rapturously in the maple tree outside her window, a bird that looked exactly like Chippy.


Dedicated to my own bird-shaped freckle, which I have also named Chippy.

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