The Rule Was Wrong (Old Post, Edited)

Since I’m currently reading o ne of my favorite books, “Mama’s Bank Account,” by Kathryn Forbes, I’ve decided to republish this post from one of my old blogs.

There is a chapter in which little Dagmar needs to be hospitalized. [The incident is also used in the stage and screen versions, “I Remember Mama].
Mama, naturally, wants to see Dagmar, but she is told, “NO visitors for the first twenty-four hours.”
“Am NOT visitor,” Mama answers. “I am her Mama.”
I love that, and I also love the way Mama DOES manage to see Dagmar.
[I won’t elaborate… I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who may not be familiar with the book, play, or movie].
But the more I think about that rule, the more wrong it seems to me. Imagine not allowing a child in an unfamiliar place and frightening situation the much needed comfort and reassurance of her mother’s presence. I know I would have wanted MY mother AND my Baba there.

That rule was more than wrong. It was just plain cruel.


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