Wednesday’s WakkyFacts: May 4

Welcome to Wednesday’s WakkyFacts (unconventional
spelling deliberate), inspired at least in part by Storm Novello’s DIDYANOSE in Dandi
Daley Mackall’s <<Blog On>> series.

This week I’m sharing a few miscellaneous facts.

This is the first 45 RPM record ever released.
I’m sure at least some of us have relatives or ancestors who bought this record.

The founder of the Audubon Society was named George BIRD Grinnel. Talk about an appropriate middle name!

Have you ever eaten the bark of a tree?

Did you shake your head when you read that question? After all, who’d want to eat the bark of a tree? Think of the splinters, and, probably, the insects! Eat the bark of a tree? YECH! I’d have to wash it very thoroughly before I’d even consider putting it into my mouth.

That, at least, would have been my reaction until I learned that cinnamon, which I love, comes from the inner bark of several trees from the genus Cinnamomum. Cinnamomum Verum is the type that is considered to be true cinnamon. This, however, is not the kind that is usually sold. That honor, if I may call it an honor, goes primarily to several related species which are called Cassia to distinguish them from true cinnamon.

So yes, I have eaten the bark of a tree, and quite often at that! Still, tree-bark toast does not sound very appealing or appetizing.


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