Wednesday’s WakkyFacts: April 27

This week I have some more weird laws.

I came across this in several places.
Cornvallis, Oregon has a law forbidding women to drink coffee after 6.00 PM.
[Does this just mean in public, or is a woman also not allowed to drink coffee in the privacy of her own home?
Either way, it’s a ridiculous law.
I can just hear Lorelai Gilmore on this subject!]

These laws are taken from Dick Hyman’s “Cockeyed Americana,” but are presented in my own words.

In Omaha, Nebraska, it is against the law to belch or sneeze during church services.[Breaking wind, which I think is MUCH worse, is not mentioned.]

People in Zion, Illinois are not allowed to teach their pets to smoke cigars. [I have my own very vivid opinion of anyone who would teach an animal to smoke, but it cannot be printed!]

It is against the law in Tucson, Arizona for a visiting football team to score against the Arizona Wildcats. The penalty for doing so is a $300 fine, or at least three months imprisonment. [In other words, it’s against the law for the visiting players to play like a normal football team.
I vividly hope that this law was either enacted as a joke, or has been repealed. After all, it doesn’t seem very sporting.]


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