Fiction Friday: January 28

Rude Stories

AlwaysARose (ChelleBee)


Fact, fiction, or a mixture of both?

Slightly modified from a story written in 2018 on one of my old blogs.

Some of Rose’s stories were terribly rude.
They pestered her while she did her homework, worked on a puzzle, (crossword or jigsaw) or listened to music.
They distracted her in school, often to the annoyance of her teachers. She tried telling them (the stories, not the teachers) “Not now.”

One day she actually spoke the words out loud, and had to write 50 times, “I will be attentive and respectful to my teacher.”

Sometimes they awakened her in the middle of the night, and wouldn’t let her go back to sleep.

Some of them were disobedient and wouldn’t go in the direction she wanted them to.
And sometimes, while Rose was writing one story, another began clamoring for her attention. It did no good to tell that story, “Wait your turn.”

One evening while she was doing her math homework, a story nudged her. She ignored it, explaining (to herself, or to the story?) that these problems were difficult and needed her full concentration.
When Rose finished her math, which took longer than she had expected, she turned her attention to the story.
But it was gone.

Feeling neglected, it had run away, never, ever to be heard from again.


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