What I’m Reading

Books are listed alphabetically by title

Batman: Dark Victory #
by Jeph Loeb

The Bible *

College Essays That Made A Difference #
by The Staff of The Princeton Review

Every Day Is A Gift
by Various

Franny and Zooey
by J. D. Salinger

Laura’s Luck
by Marilyn Sachs

Man With A Bull-Tongue Plow #
by Jesse Stuart

Normal and Other Stories ^
by Reva Rubenstein

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
by Kate Douglas Wiggin

To Teach, To Love
by Jesse Stuart

The Way Of A Pilgrim
author unknown
translated by R. M. French

The Wisdom Of The Saints #
by Anthony Vincent Bruno

Women Outside The Walls
by Trisha Sugarek

* reading every day
# reading for the first time
^reading in bed at night


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