Star Girl Fic

A Different Song



I’ve used the prompt word
in this story


No disrespect of anyone’s religious beliefs is intended here.

(See the end of the work for more notes.)

“Your birthday’s this Friday, isn’t it?” Star Girl said to Beth Johnson when they met in the hall.

“Yes,” Beth admitted, “but I don’t celebrate the day I was born. It’s against my religion.”

“Oh,” said Star Girl.

“So don’t sing “Happy Birthday” to me in the cafeteria or anywhere else on Friday.”

“I won’t,” Star Girl promised.

“And don’t sing about my birthday to anybody else,” Beth went on in a cautionary tone of voice.

Once again Star Girl promised, “I won’t. I give you my word.”

The students who overheard their conversation wondered if Star Girl really would be able to refrain from singing on Beth’s birthday.

Then again, she had given her word.

Friday lunch came and went, and Star Girl made no mention of Beth Johnson’s birthday.

But that Monday, she walked up to Beth in the lunchroom, smiling and strumming her ukulele, and began to sing, “A very merry unbirthday…”


The song quoted at the end is from Walt Disney’s “Alice In Wonderland”.


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