Lost In The Rain

AlwaysARose (ChelleBee)


Written for
where the prompt given was
Cold and wet, tired and exhausted, she…

Nobody knew how it happened, nobody knew whose fault it was, but somehow Rosetta had gotten separated from her family on the way home from their vacation, and nobody noticed. To their bitter shame, nobody noticed until they were home and unpacked.

And now it was raining, a cold, drizzling, miserable rain. Rosetta hated the rain.

They had to find her, but where could she be?

Meanwhile, Rosetta was trying to find her family.

And then, at last, there was the house, her house. Her home. Cold and wet, tired and exhausted, she
crawled up to the door, calling in a weak, faint voice.

Weak and faint though her voice was, they heard her, took her inside, and rubbed her dry and warm with a soft towel, whispering how sorry they were.

Then they fed her.

Rosetta, back home with her family, warm, dry, and well-fed, began to purr contentedly.


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