Abortion In The Case Of Rape?

I’ll start out by saying that the quotes given (are they freakin’ KIDDING???!!!!!) infuriated me, even though I am strongly pro-life, and yes, even in the case of rape.
Now, before anyone judges, attacks or flames me in any way, for example, “You wouldn’t feel that way if you’d ever been raped!”

I was raped.

I’m speaking as a woman who survived being raped with a knife held to my throat. It was date rape. And I was a virgin! And that’s all the details I will give.

When the shock wore off, I told my Mom and my stepfather, “If I’m pregnant, I will NOT have an abortion.”

As it turned out, I wasn’t pregnant, but that’s when I found out how strongly pro-life I am.

Some of you may think that it’s only because I’m a Catholic that I feel this way, but the rape occurred before my conversion, before I had any idea that I was going to join the Catholic Church.

One more thing I need to say. I do not in any way judge any woman who has had an abortion. It is not my right
to judge; I’m not God.

5 thoughts on “Abortion In The Case Of Rape?

  1. I’m curious, because your feelings about life sound very much like mine; I don’t feel any immediate personal solace in the availability of abortion. I’m very sad to hear of abortion, and I decided during my child-bearing years that my life was secondary to my child (with each birth). What I’m curious about is whether you think it’s acceptable (even if not desirable) for abortion to be legal in, say, the first trimester or up to maybe four months from last period. I know that’s difficult to answer. Meanwhile, I am glad “Plan-B” is available (not the same thing as the “abortion pill” RU-whatever). I appreciate that you have shared your experience.


      1. I am too, but I take it you mean politically pro-life in the sense of a particular definition. I’m pro-life in that I would not encourage anyone to get an abortion personally. I’m also politically pro-life in the sense that I’m in favor of having socially-supported law enforcement against assault and murder and so forth. Some people who are anti-abortion are libertarian to an extent that they argue we should hire our own bodyguards or simply carry our own guns instead of accepting any form of socialism. And I’m politically pro-life in additional ways.


  2. No offense, but I don’t really want to get into a long discussion about this. It was hard enough writing about my experience.


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