For Fandango’s Flashback Friday, September 10th

I originally posted this ten years ago on one of my old blogs.

Ordinary Things, Not An Ordinary Day

Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of 9/11. That morning, I was warming up some biscuits. This was such a normal, ordinary thing for me to do. So was turning on the radio, but that day, for some reason, I didn’t turn it on until it was time for Dan Daniel (Dandy Dan Daniel, Daniel Daniel Daniel, Triple D) to play the Backwards Oldie. This was a contest they had every morning around 9:00
on WCBS-FM. The beginning of a record would be played backwards, and the
listeners would try to identify the song.
About the first thing I heard was Dandy Dan telling us that there would be
no backwards oldie that day. I took out my biscuits, and wondered why.

I had just bitten into a warm, well-margarined biscuit when I found out why we weren’t getting the backwards oldie that day. I rushed, biscuit in hand, to turn on the TV (but did not shut off the radio.).
It was a long time before I could eat biscuits again.

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