My Style: Vividly Red

I’ve read some articles and blog posts whose authors recommend giving one’s personal clothing style a name. That suggestion appeals to me, and there are so many ways a style can be labeled.

For instance, someone who always wears checks might name it “Check This Out!”
Like to wear floral tops? How about “Flower Power?”
“As I Was Saying” or “Quote, Unquote” might be appropriate for someone who likes tops
with sayings printed on them.
Is yellow your predominant color, your signature color? Then how about calling it “Mellow Yellow”?
Always wear purple? Then I’d suggest naming your style “Purple Reigns”.
Like to combine clothing and accessories from several distinct ethnic groups? Then how about calling your
style “Ethnically Eclectic”?
As for me, I call my personal style Vividly Red because red is my signature color. I always wear red pants and/or a red or red-striped top, and my accessories are mostly red. The “Vividly” is because “vivid” is my handy, all-purpose word.

And now, a look at what I, myself, wear and do not wear. Personal style isn’t only about what one wears; it’s also
about what one chooses not to wear.

I don’t wear shoes, but in this case it isn’t a matter of choice. I have to wear light blue Medline Gripper Slippers, so it’s a good thing I like the color blue. I bought a package of my own, because the nursing home doesn’t always have the blue ones available. Also, I prefer having my own socks.

Medline Blue Adult Soft Knit Gripper Slippers - 1 Size Fits Most - 12 Pairs

My pants are always solid colored, never patterned. I’m wearing a grey pair today.

As for my tops, if I wear only one, it will have horizontal stripes, which is my signature pattern. I like seeing things like checks and floral patterns on other people’s tops, but as for my own tops, I stick to my horizontal stripes. If I wear more than one, the other(s) will be solid colored. Today I’m wearing a red cropped top with white stripes over a slightly longer-sleeved purple lilac top.
I may as well mention that I sometimes choose to wear colors that aren’t considered to go well together, like red with purple, or red with pink.

But perhaps my accessories are the most essential part of my outfit, my personal style. These accessories never change, and are mostly red. Also, I made some of them myself. They consist of:

A pendant made of a small brown stone on a red grosgrain ribbon.
(My first and last names, taken together, mean “Little Brown Rock”)

A bracelet, which I made myself, with alternating red wooden beads and red pegs from a Travel Solitaire game I won at Bingo.

We get a pair of eyeglasses for free every year if we need them, and we get a choice of frames. Mine have burgundy cat’s-eye frames.

As for my hair, I wear it in a ponytail with a red grosgrain ribbon, tied in a bow, which came from the same longer ribbon as the one my pendant is attached to.

I love hats, so I made one for myself out of a stained white top (the stain doesn’t show on the hat), an artificial rosebud, and a red grosgrain ribbon (yes, from the same longer ribbon!) tied into a bow. I wear my hat with the bow on the right and the rosebud on the left. I’ve gotten several compliments on this hat!)

Now, a few words about fashion.

I sometimes buy/wear something that is currently fashionable. as long
as I can answer “Yes” to these questions:

Does it fit into my own personal style?
Does it fit into my budget?
and, the most important question of all:
Do I like it?


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