Broken Horse, Unbroken Promise

Broken Horse, Unbroken Promise

AlwaysARose (ChelleBee)


I’ve used the following prompts in this story:
using the homophones hoarse and horse, stationery and stationary


(See the end of the work for notes.)

Ivy often rode the mechanical horse in front of Rosenthal’s Stationery Store, whooping
until she was hoarse.
“Promise me,” Ivy said, “that this horse will always be here.”
And Mr. Rosenthal promised.
Now Ivy was in high school. The mechanical horse, long out of order, stood stationary, its
coin slot taped over.
“Why don’t you take that old, broken horse down?” Mrs. Williams asked one day after buying a
box of paper clips.
“Because,” Mr Rosenthal answered, “I promised Ivy it would always be here.”
Mrs. Williams understood. After all, she, too, would never break a promise to a grandchild.


In memory of my beloved Grandpa, Nathan Rosenthal,
who never owned a stationery store, but also never broke a promise.

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