Fiction Friday: July 16

Healing Powers

AlwaysARose (ChelleBee)


This is an expanded version of a story I wrote years ago.
I’m deliberately not revealing whether the characters are
Catholic, Protestant, or Eastern Orthodox.

Albert, a patient at Rosedale Hospital, had just received a visitor, a woman from his church. She looked around, saw the crystal by Albert’s bed, and wrinkled her nose disapprovingly.

“What is this crystal doing in your room, Albert?” she demanded.

“It’s here to help me to heal, Mildred.”

“Surely,” Mildred objected, “a man like you, a Christian and a church member, could not possibly believe in the healing
powers of crystals.”

Albert smiled and said, “No, but a very dear friend, who does, gave it to me with much love, and I believe in the love of my friend.”

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