Favorite Books in a Favorite Book?


One of my favorite children’s books, Joan M. Lexau’s “The Trouble With Terry”, includes the following scene:

 Terry settled down with one of her library books. Right away she liked Helen, the girl in the story. Helen was always doing things wrong too.

I’ve often wondered if, and suspected that, the book Terry was reading was “The Funny Guy”, by Grace Allen Hogarth.

Also, earlier in the book:

 She’d been reading about the Bastables lately and was feeling very English.

So now, I’m planning to re-read:

The Trouble With Terry
The Funny Guy
and E. Nesbit’s

The Story Of The Treasure Seekers
The Wouldbegoods
The New Treasure Seekers

I’m so glad that all five books are available on openlibrary.org!


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