MMA Storytime: July 5

Creative Genius

AlwaysARose (ChelleBee)


This is another prompt-inspired story.

Ambrose was a multi-talented creative genius. He wrote the most amazing short stories
and poetry, many of which had been published professionally. His paintings and
sculptures were currently on display in the local gallery.

Ambrose had also, as the saying goes, made a name for himself in the worlds of
music and dance.
The neighborhood’s opera company planned to perform an opera he had written,
both words and music, and the local ballet company had already presented a
ballet he had choreographed.

And now, Ambrose was working on a full-length musical comedy, a novel, several paintings
and sculptures, a new ballet, and a symphony.

But there are only twenty-four hours in a day, and part of that time must be spent sleeping.
So, in order to get so many things done, Ambrose had left some other things undone.

And so, he was going to have to repeat the second grade.

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