Commercial Reversal (Old Posts)

A few years  ago, I posted on one of my now-defunct blogs:

Today’s daily prompt word gives me the perfect opportunity to say something I’ve been wanting to say for some time now.

I am annoyed by commercials with the words “Real people. Not actors.” It’s just as vivid to say, “The people shown here are not actors,” and/or “The reactions shown are spontaneous, not scripted.”

Actors are people. They are people whose career is acting; they are people we are used to seeing, most often, in costume.

Several months later, I wrote a follow-up.  I reposted the above, minus the prompt, and then added:

Well, today I just about cracked up laughing when I saw a new commercial with the words, “Real actors. Not people.”

I’d like to think that that commercial was inspired by my post, but somehow I doubt it.

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