Fiction Friday: May 28: Death By Eggs


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Death By Eggs

AlwaysARose (ChelleBee)


No, Stella Rose was not allergic to eggs, and yet eggs, specifically scrambled eggs,
were the death of her.

“If I see scrambled eggs on my plate again,” nursing home resident Stella Rose thought, “I’ll scream.”
She’d been given scrambled eggs for breakfast every day for six months. Or was it seven? Or eight?
She felt tormented by scrambled eggs, and she was no spartan. She lifted the cover.
Scrambled eggs again!

“Scrambled eggs are coming out of my ears,” she muttered.

And suddenly, a tiny piece of egg oozed out of her left ear.
Another piece dropped from her right.

The aide who came to take Stella Rose’s tray found her buried under an avalanche of earwaxy eggs.




  1. Eggs are the most complete and assimilable protein, if one includes the yolks. It’s an intriguing story, though… really conjured up some imagery.


    1. Yep, the yolks ARE the best part of the egg, in more ways than one.
      Plain egg whites are boring.
      I’m glad you liked the story.


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